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Uist has a range of outdoor sport for all interests...

Take in a round of golf in utterly beautiful surroundings...

Askernish Golf Club is a situated within a ten minute walk from Grianaig, through the the pretty village of Askernish. Enjoy a family day out, go with like-minded friends or steal away some quiet time for yourself. For more details visit Askernish Golf Club's website, or we can arrange a trip for you.

Askernish Golf Course, Trout Fishing, Sea Fishing, South Uist Estates, Storas Uist Estates

Above photo courtesy of Askernish Golf Club's website


Uist is the setting for a unique fishing experience.

With more than 200 machair or moorland lochs to explore, Uist provides your very own fishing playground to experience wild fly fishing in its purest form, off the beaten tourist track.


From the moment you arrive at Grianaig House, you are only 15 minutes walk from moorland, machair, sea trout or salmon fishing. Whenever you choose to fish, be that dawn or dusk, you will discover a whole experience only found on these islands. Only here will it be just you and the loch and the fish, only here do kestrel swoop, snipe dive and corncrake welcome the dusk, only here is the fly fishing truly wild.


If you or your party think you are up to the sporting challenge - a chance to fish in one of the most famous sea trout runs- then we can put you in touch with expert ghillies. The Uist fly fishing experience is famous for reasons only fully appreciated when you get here. There is high demand from those in the know, so you are best booking well in advance. The best place to start is with Storas Uibhist, who will organise permits. If you'd like to see what the fishing is like before you visit, hear about the biggest catch of the day, then fishpal is a good place to start.


Carry out your sport in breathtaking scenery...

With miles of rugged hills to the East and machair land to the West only sparsely punctuated by traces of civilisation, Uist is the place where you'll meet your sporting match.


Wild deer roam freely, duck and geese adhere only to nature's rules. When you stalk game in Uist you'll need to be on your best form to follow the trail.


As one of the few areas of the world to boast pure red deer, stalking and shooting parties in Uist are offered sport of the highest standard. With the long days famous to Uist, you'll find yourself eyeing the prey in a hauntingly beautiful environment with only the call of wildlife to break the silence.


Grianaig House is right at the heart of some of the most unique stalking in the United Kingdom.